Tips for Guys on How to Not Get Caught When You Visit an Escort

Seeing an escort will not be good news for a girlfriend or wife. Guys will definitely get into trouble. Husband will be placed on fast track divorce process and be stripped of half of the assets. Remember that, women feel cheated and insulted, when their men visit an escort.

Even if you try to be discreet women notice things like she knows your pattern or how you smell freshly showered on arriving home. Suspicion can be minimal like change in routine or attitude, being very or less attentive, change in attitude or dressing. In brief, change triggers suspicion, which leads to alertness. She starts looking for evidence and signs snooping around stuff from your pocket or unfamiliar numbers on your dialed list or check browser history.

There is no golden rule for not creating suspicion but you can prevent it at some extent.

Develop a routine

Create a fixed routine twice a week like going to the gym or swims for an hour. It is a good way to be away from home and mobile phone. Even when you return home freshly showered after enjoying intimacy with a gorgeous escort you booked from LOveSita website. Establish a pattern to avert suspicion as you are anticipated to be preoccupied.

Clever cash management

Pay escorts with cash and not credit cards. Withdrawing exactly same amount twice every month can raise a red flag. Therefore, withdraw odd amounts irregularly.

Basic cyber-security

A good routine and great cash management lacks protection unless you discipline your communication aspect. Computer and Smartphone are worst enemies because browser history texts and emails can make it impossible to explain.

God communication discipline may be against the rules of an escort agency. They need clients to call or text from unblocked numbers. It is necessary to verify clients. If you use corporate computer or phone to make necessary arrangements then curious IT department can get you fired, especially when some co-worker is looking for an opportunity, this is sufficient cause.

Avoid using regular devices to look for and book an escort. Use apps with stealth mode for escort browsing. Get second SIM card because buying another mobile phone will look suspicious. SIM is tiny and can be locked. Use this second SIM card for escort browsing and booking activities. Make sure not to synch it with your regular Gmail account. Before using this new secret setup male sure all synch options are switched OFF. First test it by capturing some random photos to see where they get saved.

Other precautions

People get caught by small things like a paper scrap where you wrote the name and number of your favorite escort. Leaving this small paper in your pant pocket can expose, if your spouse does the laundry. Similar mistakes are an unused condom, an escort’s card, a hotel bill, etc. Such items can get you busted.

Therefore, make sure to write everything on your second SIM card. If you are unfortunate then all this precaution can get compromised. So, create second security level like write the initials and numbers in a different way. You can reverse the initials and add one to the prefixes like 462 becomes 573.

Stay below radar but have a solid backup plan, if you get caught to reduce relationship damages.

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