What Are The Different Health Risks Associated With Obesity?

A person is considered to be obese when he has a BMI or body mass index of thirty or more. An obese person is more likely to suffer from a wide range of health issues. In this article, we are going to throw light on the probable health concerns that you need to watch out.

Possible health issues related to obesity

A person who is obese is at a higher risk for below mentioned chronic ailments:  


Stroke is a state wherein the supply of blood to the brain gets cut off all of a sudden. This is due to blockage of blood vessels in the neck or brain. High blood pressure which is caused due to high blood pressure is often seen as the major reason for strokes.

Heart disease

According to, extra weight increases the chances of high cholesterol and high blood pressure in a person. By losing a little weight can lessen the possibilities of developing heart ailment or a stroke.


People who are obese are much more prone to type 2 diabetes. You can lessen your chances of developing “type 2” diabetes by lowering your weight, consuming a well-balanced diet, taking a good sleep, and also exercising more. By losing weight and getting physically active can assist you in controlling blood sugar levels efficiently.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is a condition wherein the blood passes through the blood vessels in a forceful manner. This condition is also called as hypertension. High blood pressure damage blood vessels, strain the heart, increase chances of kidney ailment, stroke, heart attack, even death of a person.


Osteoarthritis is another joint condition that impacts the hip, back and knee. Carrying extra pounds puts an extra load on the joints that damages the tissues of the cartilage. By reducing weight, you can reduce stress on your hips, lower back and knees, and even improve the signs of osteoarthritis.

A few types of cancers

A few kinds of cancers such as colon cancers, breast cancer, uterus cancer, and kidney cancer are associated to obesity.

Gallbladder disease

If you are overweight, then gallbladder is another common ailment that has an increased chance to happen.

Respiratory issues

Breathing trouble such as asthma and sleep apnea where a person stops to breath for shorter time spans during sleep is another possibility if you are obese.

Things that can be done to prevent Obesity

To prevent obesity and maintain good health, you need to perform following measures:

  • eat right as per your body type
  • keep stress away
  • sleep more peacefully and soundly,
  • perform regular exercise
  • Say no to alcohol and junk food

Weight reduction is not a very difficult task. All it requires to understanding your body and choosing healthy lifestyle. A diet rich in complex carbs, fiber and proteins are going to accomplish your weight loss objective.


Looking at these health issues, you need to make quick measures to perform effective weight management strategies. Maintaining your BMI within limits will definitely help you ward off the chances of these risks effectively.

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