Let Your Marriage Proposal Have Best Backdrop – Places in Memphis To Confess Your Love!

So now the proposal season has started officially and most of the lovers are already finding different ways to propose their soul mate! If you too are one of them, then this article is just for you.

Just like your emotions and feelings, the place of proposal too plays a major role in your proposal! Lovers from around the world find Memphis the best and most romantic place to pop this important question.

After all, it isn’t just a coincidence that every July the romance writers gather at River City for annual conference. So if you too have finally decide to propose, but are unsure where exactly to do it, check out and read on to explore some of the most exciting places that will set the fire for you in your lover’s heart!

Greenbelt Park

This is one of the most popular places especially among the fitness enthusiasts. It is a two-mile flat path that is indeed a thoroughfare for the ones that want to walk, run, or eve bike at beginning or at the end of summer day. Lights get beautifully illuminated at the concrete way without distorting evening perspectives of city skyline.

Breezes off nearby river feel refreshing at end of warm day. Just remember that this place is prone to flooding at specific times of year. However, the periods from May to September are best for the evening strolls.

Dixon Gallery

This place accommodates high number of visitors every year without being overcrowded ever. Locals find food truck Fridays quite exciting so you too can invite your better half and begin the weekend early.

There are many things that are going on in this place so the tourists often choose between exploring gardens and attending the museum. Many people go for exploring gardens since it is an ideal place especially for the ones that seek private proposal moment! If you want an intimate proposal though, avoid going to Hughes Pavilion on busy days which is a famous venue for receptions and weddings.

The Mississippi River

While it is true that Memphis don’t have seaside beaches you can explore during your moonlit strolls, it does boast romantic and mighty river. At the time of sunset, magnificent colors of the sunset are being reflected in the waters of Mississippi offering excellent backdrop for an unforgettable proposal. You can even wait after dark when starts and moon reflects on the surface of water.

The Orpheum Theatre

A proposal in shimmering lights can be like a dream come true for many lovers out there. You can rent marquee at Orpheum theatre to showcase your question. You can set the time duration for displaying your question and the rates will be charged accordingly. Right from 30 minutes to 2 hours, you can decide your own time frame!

There is an ample of other places too in Memphis that are ideal for proposals. Just think about your loved one and then decide which place can be best for her and then you are sure to hear yes!

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