Am I too old for a facelift?

The decision to have a necklift or facelift is a very personal one. Depending on your lifestyle and experiences, as you get older, the face and neck can alter in appearance due to:-

– Smoking
– Drinking too much alcohol
– A poor diet
– Too much sun

Genetic traits such as dry or oily skin can also affect the appearance of the face and neck. As you age, even if you’re in good health, facelift and necklift cosmetic surgery can bring freshness back to your look.

It’s never too late

As part of the ageing process, the skin slowly loses its elasticity while face and neck muscles begin to slacken. Fold and smile lines start to deepen somewhat and the corners of the mouth may droop. Women, in particular, are conscious of their jawlines sagging as well as skin slackness around the neck area. When it comes to the eyes, eyebrows tend to droop and the skin around the eyelids can gather in loose folds. Once you get into your 40s, 50s and 60s, wrinkles often develop around the lips, close to the outer corners of the eyes and over the forehead.

The rate at which these changes happen varies from person to person. Losing weight can also alter the face and neck. If you want to look young again, maybe now is the time to consider necklift or facelift surgery.

Cosmetic surgery

More adults than ever before are turning to cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks. Regardless of your age, having cosmetic surgery will be a confidence booster. You might be thinking of re-entering the dating scene, applying for a new career or wanting to look and feel good. Facelift and necklift surgery is on the increase, especially for men and women in their mid-40s, 50s and 60s.

If you’re thinking of going ahead with this type of cosmetic surgery, there’s plenty of helpful info online such as:-

– Choosing the right surgeon
– What happens before the operation?
– How the surgery is performed
– After the procedure
– The pros and cons
– Results

After surgery, it tends to take a couple of weeks to months for the bruising and swelling to disappear, but the results are worth it.

As the healing process continues, you can expect your face and neck to look younger and smoother. Satisfaction with your appearance can give a boost to your overall well-being and happiness too, so go for it.


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