Variation in Teeth Whitening Done at Home and In Dental Clinic

We all love to have an impressive smile. Unfortunately, due to varied reasons the shine and the pearly white colour of teeth are paled. Many people are embarrassed to laugh freely due to this reason. Fortunately, there are ways to bring back the lost shine and whiteness of teeth.

Ways to whiten teeth:

  • One common way usually preferred is to buy tooth whitening product readily available in the market and follow the process yourself at home as instructed in the kit.
  • You can use home remedies to remove the discoloration of teeth.
  • You can seek professional dental help, which will prove to be most beneficial.

If you have still not thought about how to whiten your teeth, know the benefits of teeth whitening and more in detail about the pros and cons of methods usually used for teeth whitening.

Know the beneficial features of teeth whitening:

  • It improves your smile and boosts your self-confidence: You don’t need to hide your teeth while laughing or moreover having the right whitey pearl teeth enlightens the beauty of your smile.
  • Helps in protecting your oral hygiene: While whitening the teeth professionally your oral health is checked.

Informative lines of doing teeth whitening at home:

There are multiple ways to whiten teeth at home. Either you buy the kit from outside sources or readily available ingredients at home.

  • Pros:
    • Doing it yourself may cost less compared to the whitening of teeth done by a professional at a clinic.
    • You can do it any time according to your convenience. You get whitening strips generally used as they are safe to use multiple times. Whitening gels are available containing bleaching elements like hydrogen peroxide at a lesser amount. Whitening toothpastes are available having no bleaching elements, however total effectiveness isn’t a surety. Whitening gum is used as a preventive method to retain the colour of teeth.
  • Cons:
    • No guarantee that the result of doing it by yourself will provide the desired result.
    • Using the kit may be harmful to maintain your oral health as well as your general health. There may be substandard products available in the market that may harm your teeth and have adverse effect on your body’s digestive system.

It is a temporary effect as in few days or weeks the teeth will look discoloured.

Few words on seeking professional help for whitening your teeth:

  • Pros:
    • You are sure to get satisfactory result as it will be done by using right advanced teeth whitening methods done in dental clinics by an experienced dentist.
    • The effects of whitening remain permanent and moreover your oral health remains perfect. Before starting the process of teeth whitening, the dentist checks your oral health thoroughly. Thus, if any other issue is identified, the treatment is done accordingly.
    • The whole process is completed within an hour.
    • No repetition of process is required in case of using teeth whitening kit at home.
  • Cons:
    • The whole treatment seems to be costly compared to buying teeth whitening products.

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