Why Ketamine Is Effective for Treating PTSD?

Ketamine is a wonderful drug because of its pain-relieving and anti-depressing properties. Due to these benefits it’s being increasingly used in the medicine industry. Though there are some cases reported where ketamine is found to be wrongly used for its delusive effects on its users, this is a good drug when used correctly.

Ketamine is one of the drugs approved by the World Health Organization as the essentially used medicines. These days, the medical industry uses ketamine for PTSD, depression, anxiety and other medical issues related to mental health where stress is involved and is a major issue.

There are Ketamine infusion treatments available for these conditions offered by leading medical centers like the Mind Peace Clinics. They take pride in declaring that three fourth of their patients have been cured using this therapy.

You can call them or visit their website to know more about this treatment method and to book your appointment. They have detailed information on how ketamine is used to treat each of the medical conditions. They also offer a free consultation via phone. You can access this facility also from their website.

What is PTSD?

PTSD which is an abbreviation of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a medical condition which affects the mental state of victims. The victims would have suffered in any traumatic incident or situation or would have witnessed a traumatic experience firsthand.

When anything similar to that situation happens, or any condition reminds the victims of the trauma, they report a feeling where they feel as if they are going through the same traumatic experience even though they are safe in reality. Similar feelings get triggered often and this is a serious mental health issue.

Learn How Ketamine Can Treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ICD 10 ...
ketamine for PTSD

Why Ketamine is a good treatment option for PTSD?

Some experts who study mental health and the influence of certain medicines on our body and mind has found this from their studies. The PTSD may be caused due to some issue in the synaptic connectivity of human brain. This function is determined by the glutamate in the brain.

Ketamine is found to normalize the synaptic connectivity of the human brain by enhancing the circuits. This is known to provide symptom relief. Other reasons why ketamine is known to be an effective treatment for PTSD are

  • The brain circuitry works well as ketamine is known to reset the circuits.
  • Ketamine has the ability to offset the effect caused in human brain due to stress.
  • One of the important reasons why ketamine is considered as an effective treatment for PTSD is that the effects of the drug is quickly seen on the patients and this drug works on patients even when other drugs do not.

PTSD, the post-traumatic stress disorder is definitely a very stressful and recurring experience. It is characterized by distress, unpleasant memories and reactions to it and the cycle goes on. But when if we use ketamine in the treatment, the condition can be under control and relief could be felt in victims.

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