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Is CBD Promising For Children With Medical Issues?

Cannabidiol [CBD] is extracted from marijuana or hemp. Research has revealed that CBD has the potential to treat myriads of medical conditions without any concerns about getting high. Cannabis carries a stigma of getting people stoned but this is due to the compound THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and not CBD. Hemp plants are rich in CBD and have a tiny level of THC, but if you are buying CBD products derived from marijuana, check the THC level.

On commercial stores like CBD Marketplace, you will find cannabidiol in different forms ranging from the best CBD gummies to refined CBD liquid. Parents are using CBD to treat their kids suffering from medical conditions. However, there is no wide research for CBD effectiveness and safety, but some parents approve of its use with promising small trials and studies.

Common CBD oil uses in children

CBD is used to treat children struggling with different medical conditions. FDA has only approved it for epilepsy treatment.


Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome are epilepsy conditions, where children struggle with uncontrollable seizures. Epidiolex derived from Cannabis Sativa is an oral pure CBD solution, which helps to reduce the frequency of seizures.

However, CBD products bought commercially may not have the same effect as epidiolex [manufactured as per FDA standards] Nevertheless, the risks are the same as epidiolex. Its potential risks include lethargic feel, diminished appetite, diarrhea, sleep issues, rash, etc.

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Research has reported that CBD oil has shown improvement in the autism symptoms among children. The symptoms that the study participants experienced due to autism were restlessness, seizures, and rage attacks. After using CBD for six months the symptoms were reduced. There are ongoing studies to determine effective and safe dosage for autism children.


CBD oil has helped to reduce anxiety among humans and animals but there is a lack of research in children. CBD oil has shown positivity in anxiety disorder treatment in preclinical trials that include OCD, social anxiety disorder, and PTSD. It improved the sufferer’s anxious feelings and insomnia issues.

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Some parents saw decrease in their kid’s ADHD symptoms after using CBD, but there is insufficient evidence of its effectiveness.

As CBD oil is not regulated, parents are finding it hard to place trust in the products. There are stories about label inaccuracies that increase the level of concern. The laws surrounding CBD products are changing consistently. They continue to differ from one state to another. If epidiolex is prescribed, it is completely legal in the US.

How to choose a reliable CBD product?

As demand for CBD products increases, the market is getting saturated with hundreds of items. As CBD is unregulated, it becomes hard to identify a genuine product.

  • Read the label to check the CBD amount per dosage.
  • Check if the product is hemp based and its source
  • Look for a certificate of analysis. It is a 3rd party test report that verifies the purity level and ingredients of the products.

CBD oil is promising but needs research. It is unregulated, so as a parent take the buyer-beware approach. Discuss it with the pediatrician before you add a new medication to your child’s regime.

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